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Anoyo is an album released by Tim Hecker in 2019. Tim Hecker is a Canadian electronic music known for ambient and experimental music. This album is seen as a counterweight of his previous album Konoyo. Together, they are two parts of a whole. Konoyo translates to “this world” as the living world while Anoyo translates to “that world” as the afterlife.

The visual identity builds off of the concept of ma, which translates to “void” or “ the space between two structural parts” that is reflected in the typography. Hecker blurs the lines between digital and analog, urging listeners to embrace discomfort and engage in meaningful exploration. I made the decision to explore spray paint as a medium then collage them digitally to translate his practice visually.

Medium: Spraypaint, Digital
Dimension: 12 x 12”

“I don’t want to set up a digital-analog divide because I find the most interesting things confuse the two, like hybridity or in-between” — Tim Hecker

The visual identity around this album was focused around the following themes: the void vs. the state of alienation, lost echoes of humanity, multi-dimensional walls, and polyphonic reverie. 

Sarah Lee is a designer specializing in branding, strategy, and product design based in Los Angeles, CA. 

She currently works at a digital media music company, creating integrated campaign assets and branding for key product launches. 

Recently, she worked on a book project with the Aviation Industry Research Institute in South Korea. Besides many other projects, she was responsible for research and documentation and development of guidelines for search engine optimization of Graphic Design ephemera onto the People’s Graphic Design Archive. 

She received BFA in Graphic Design from California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). 

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