Cycle Quadriptych Series 

Installation, Motion Design


A. Cycle is a quadriptych projection installation based on the
idea of inversion. This virtual space contains three moving posters documenting the different aspects of shelter. As a viewer walking through the space, you are looking down at the aerial view while it’s projecting on the floor not the ceiling.Thinking about all the places and encounters we have as well as new insights about our subjective attitudes that shape us.
Medium: Collage, Digital, 3D

B. De-Reconstruction is an experimental film that explores shelter as a temporary state through the passing of time. Deconstructing
and reconstructing shelter through a linear horizontal camera movement mimicking a film rolling. This piece is inspired by a quote “life is an aimless wanderer, meeting people, passing through places until you die” from Vagabond (1985). It also examines the physical relationship of the structure to the environment. 
Medium: Collage, Photography, Digital

Environment -> Passing shelter -> Deconstructing shelter -> Reconstructing -> Environment with shelter -> Flashbacks

Environment (n) -> Moving (adj) -> Crumple (v) -> Deconstruct (v) -> Waste (adj) -> Reconstruct (v) -> Shelter (n)

Passage of time:
Fast (“Moving”) -> Slower (“Constructing”) -> Faster (“Flashbacks”)

Sarah Lee is a designer specializing in branding, strategy, and product design based in Los Angeles, CA. 

She currently works at a digital media music company, creating integrated campaign assets and branding for key product launches. 

Recently, she worked on a book project with the Aviation Industry Research Institute in South Korea. Besides many other projects, she was responsible for research and documentation and development of guidelines for search engine optimization of Graphic Design ephemera onto the People’s Graphic Design Archive. 

She received BFA in Graphic Design from California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). 

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